The Drysuit Repair Company

About The Drysuit Repair Company


The Drysuit Repair workshop is fully equipped with various machines, many types of glue, tape, ancillary items and a host of personal tools used in the process of manufacture & repair of wetsuits & drysuits of any brand & repairs are undertaken¬† on a “Like For Like” basis wherever practical

Commercial Customers

Our Drysuit Repair customer list includes:
Dorset Police Marine Section
Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service
Commercial Diving Companies
Independent S.A.R. Organizations
Civil Engineering Companies
Environment Agencies
Swift Water Rescue
The Coastguard
The RNLI Ltd
ZHIK Sailing Products
Rooster Sailing Products

Private Customers

20,000 + of Wetsuit & Drysuit Repairs from all aspects of professional and private waterborne activities and pursuits including Civil and Offshore Commercial Contractors, Diving, Sailing, Kayak, Windsurf, Triathlon, Waterski & Wakeboard Clubs.

What We Do


Neoprene & Latex Seals
Boots, Socks, Zips, Knee Pads


Cuff Systems, Glove Systems, Neck Systems, Valves, Pockets


Pressure Test
Seams, Tears, Holes,


Neoprene Drysuits
Tri-Laminate Drysuits

There are so many different aspects to the repairs we undertake and are
probably to numerous to list, please call with your requirements

Free EXPERT ADVICE On all Aspects of PPE Suit Repair

The Drysuit Repair Company is a Division of Predator Custom Drysuits